Information Operations

Map the Information Environment

Information Operations – 2

In an age of infinite content, measuring the finite distribution of human attention tells the real story. Predata’s web-based analytics platform provides an array of tools to measure the effects of a wide variety of messaging campaigns.

With Predata, information operations and communications professionals can…

Discover patterns of behaviors in the information environment.

Identify how target audiences are engaging with particular narratives.

Measure the effectiveness of messaging campaigns on a global scale.

Information Operations – 3

“The ability to sense within the information environment is a difficult task and Predata helps us wade through large amounts of data easily and get a useful response.”

— Senior Information Operations Analyst

Information Operations – 4

The Predata Platform

Alerting and Monitoring

Automatically detect unexpected shifts in target audience attention when activity deviates from historical baselines.

In-Depth Analytic Tools

Discover how target audiences across key demographics, such as geographic region, language, and device type, are consuming and researching information.

Customizable Dashboards

Set custom goals and milestones for key campaign activities to measure progress and impact across historical, multi-source datasets.

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