Supply and Demand

Monitor Changing Market Dynamics

Supply and Demand – 2

In an age of infinite content, measuring the finite distribution of human attention tells the real story. Predata’s web-based analytics platform provides an array of tools to analyze the current and historical shape of online attention.

With Predata, market participants can…

Detect indicators and warnings for supply disruptions or demand shifts.

Surface emerging tail-risks based on shifts in online browsing behavior.

Contextualize the impact of ongoing events by analyzing change in indicators over time.

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“When audiences are formulating their ideas they do research on it. And with Predata, we take that information…filter that and magnify those signals in a strategy that will be profitable in those markets.”

— R. Scott Morris, Blackthorne Capital Management

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The Predata Platform

Alerting and Monitoring

Automatically detect off-the-radar shifts in online audience behavior when activity deviates from historical baselines.

In-Depth Analytic Tools

Discover how online audiences are reacting to market dynamics with analytic tools to visualize shifts in attention.

Customizable Indicators

Harness the power of Predata’s customizable platform to tailor indicators to support your specific trading strategy.

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