Case Studies

Predata Case Studies

Predata Case Studies

Where will the impact of coronavirus be felt next?

  In the wake of an event that has uncertain ramifications worldwide – such as the spread of the coronavirus – public sector agencies, financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies need information that can give them early indication of where the impact will be felt next... Read More →

How will Iran retaliate against the United States following the Soleimani strike?

  When diplomatic and military tensions escalate, organizations with global exposure need to understand when and where violence might break out... Read More →

What is the risk of a supply shock for oil?

  Organizations with global exposure need to understand when geopolitical instability can affect supply chains and impact markets. Unexpected disruptions in the Middle East and Africa can lead to sudden supply shocks in global commodity markets, particularly for oil... Read More →

Do investors think the United States is in a stock market bubble?

  Market participants are generally not inclined to publicly voice their concerns for the near-term future in terms of what they post online, either for fear of giving up their edge or due to social pressure to conform to prevailing wisdom... Read More →