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Predata uses anonymized online metadata to predict geopolitical, security, and market-moving events.

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The only platform to turn online metadata into actionable signals.

Muted signal indicates lower risk of event

Use analytic tools to reveal trends and set alerts

Real-world events follow periods of heightened Predata signal activity

Adjust observation time horizon and moving average

Add public and proprietary datasets

Signal spikes to indicate heightened risk of event

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The Predata Process

  1. Predata scrapes and curates anonymized online metadata.
  2. Predata applies machine-learning algorithms to that data to generate predictive signals.
  3. Predata’s platform displays those signals for easy analysis and reporting.

Why Predata Works

A Unique Metadata Approach

Predata relies on web metadata—the data about the data—to capture overall browsing habits rather than individual expressions. We’ve found that patterns of behavior replicate more reliably in the metadata than in the data itself. For this reason, Predata can generate predictive signals that are impossible to reveal from sentiment analysis, natural language processing, or other forms of content analysis.

Human-Centered Methodologies

Predata doesn’t try to analyze everything. The data is hand-curated based on our models of human behavior, which means the system only uses data relevant to the questions you want answered.

Clients use the Predata platform to anticipate events in the areas of:

  • Geopolitical Risk
  • Market Insights
  • Business Intelligence

Predata Features

Access to Online Platform
Weekly Research Notes
Country Risk Signals
Topic Risk Signals
Custom Signal Alerts
Proprietary Data Ingestion
Preset Dashboard/Signals
Full Suite of Analytic Tools
Custom Topic Risk Signals
In-house Analyst Support

Latest Research

Our team of analysts is here to support your Predata experience. We’re always discovering new applications for our unique solutions.

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