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In an age of infinite content, measuring the finite distribution of human attention tells the real story. Predata’s web-based analytics platform provides an array of tools to identify unique patterns in online attention and provide indicators of offline actions.

With Predata, analysts can…

Discover anomalous patterns of behavior in the information environment.

Identify how target audiences are engaging with a particular narrative, concept, or region.

Measure the effectiveness of messaging campaigns on a global scale.

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“Predata’s signals allow us to actively follow and mitigate against large scale geopolitical risks in a way that we were never able to do before.”

– Public Sector Analyst

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The Predata Platform

Alerting and Monitoring

Quickly monitor engagement with key narratives or areas of interest with interactive dashboards and automated alerts.

In-Depth Analytic Tools

Discover off-the-radar trends with analytic tools to quantify how the information environment evolves over time.

Customizable Indicators

Harness the power of Predata’s customizable platform to tailor indicators to your mission and priorities.

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