Unlock the Other Side of the Internet

In an age of infinite online content, measuring the finite distribution of human attention tells the real story. Predata is the only web-based analytics platform that focuses on how online audiences consume and research information — an underutilized data source that represents nearly 90% of all Internet activity.

Unlike industry-standard tools that monitor online content creators and their engagement on social media, forums, and other news sources, Predata’s patented methodology turns anonymized web traffic metadata into quantifiable measures of attention to individual narratives, topics, and themes.

Capabilities and Features

Capabilities and Features – Left

Predata enables clients to explore shifts in attention on a global scale, uncover indicators and warnings about risk factors, and observe how the online browsing behavior changes over time.

Capabilities and Features – Right

The platform features interactive maps, customizable dashboards and robust analytic tools to support a variety of workflows. From monitoring steady-state environments to in-depth comparative research to alerting on changes over time, our platform is flexible to meet your analytic priorities.

Technology – CTA

With global coverage and 5+ years of historical data, Predata is a revolutionary platform that gives analysts an unmatched understanding of digital behavior.