Equities 2

Predata is the leading predictive analytics company for quantifying geopolitical and economic trends.

Using machine learning and a patented methodology, Predata identifies anomalous online research and maps this behavior to global macro and micro trends, generating a suite of signals measuring market-moving risks.

The launch of our new signals for U.S. equities marks an exciting expansion of our offering for capital markets participants. The signals quantify online attention and concern to each of the eleven S&P equity sectors, constituent companies, and sector-specific macro themes.

These signals have already provided insights into shifting digital attention patterns which preceded significant stock price movements or contextualized ongoing events. Some recent examples include:

  • The swine fever epidemic in China & how the rise of this crisis into the public eye had a divergent effect on meat processing companies with and without Chinese ties

  • How heightened research into crop insurance underlies the economic situation of US farmers in light of trade war tariffs, and the consequences of reduced CapEx spend on companies in that space

  • Anomalous spikes of non-English language attention to a Tesla supplier, which provided early warning that something may be amiss ahead of an official recall announcement