Our dataset is now available on Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point

Global Coverage

Predata offers thousands of signals for over 160 countries, as well as for asset classes such as major currencies and commodities.

Orthogonal and Robust Data

Each signal is a summarized index of risk, calculated from thousands of data points curated from a wide range of online sources. The data is delivered daily with coverage going back to January 2010.

Actionable Information

Signals quantify key market factors and have been constructed to reflect the consistent way issues arise across topics related to the economy, government, security and society.

Easy to Access

Bloomberg eliminates costly and lengthy procurement processes, speeding up time to value and enabling easy integration to existing systems.

Seamless delivery

With Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point, a web-based platform powered by Hypermedia API, data is delivered in Clean and Tidy, machine readable formats which facilitates easy ingestion and reduces data wrangling costs.