Predata Deployed by CSIS Beyond Parallel to Inform Korea Unification Analysis

NEW YORK–May 22, 2018– Predata, the predictive analytics platform that anticipates the risk of future events, and Beyond Parallel, a research unit of the Washington, D.C.-based think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies, today announced a renewed partnership whereby Predata will provide its global geopolitical risk signals to help Beyond Parallel’s experts assess Korea unification prospects and related geopolitical issues.

With Predata’s risk signals, Beyond Parallel has already developed a reliable indicator to predict when the Kim Jong-un regime will test launch a ballistic missile. The signal has accurately predicted missile activity weeks in advance and also predicted cases where there would be no missile launch such as ahead of the recent Inter-Korean Summit. The new partnership will build on the initial success of the relationship and apply the Predata platform to a broader set of strategic considerations.